Endocrine System

Endocrine System

I. ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF ENDOCRINE GLANDS A. Functions 1. Maintenance and regulation of vital functions 2. Response to stress and injury 3. Growth and development 4. Energy metabolism 5. Reproduction 6. Fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance More »


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63 Lab Values for Nursing Study


Here is a 63 key lab values that, hopefully will make your NCLEX experience little better. Some of these labs may vary a little from what you’re used to. You may remember lab values can change based on where you

Arterial Blood Gases Diagnostic Procedure


Remember these 3 Phases for any Laboratory Diagnostic Test. Pretest 2. Intra Test 3. Post Test Pretest: Client Preparation Intra Test: Specimen Collection and VS Monitoring Post Test: Monitoring and follow up nursing care

Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs) Critical Lab Values


Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs) Lab and Diagnostic Procedure Collect in an air-free heparinized syringe. Send in ice slurry to lab immediately. ■ ABGs provide information about acid-base balance and the levels of O2 and CO2 in the blood. ■ ABG

CBC Critical Lab Values


Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Differential Critical Values. Critical levels of CBC Lab Test: Hgb: <5 g/dL or >20 g/dL Hct:<15% or > 60% WBC: < 500 mm3 or > 50,000/ mm3 Platelets: < 50,000 or > 999,000/mm3 Lavender-top tube.