The Anatomy of the Respiratory System

The Anatomy of the Respiratory System

The respiratory system consists of the airways, lungs, bony thorax, and respiratory muscles and functions in conjunction with the central nervous system (CNS). These structures work together to deliver oxygen to the bloodstream and remove excess carbon dioxide from the body. More »


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Endocrine System NCLEX Quiz (20 Items)

Endocrine System Quiz

Endocrine System Quiz 20 Practice Questions for Nursing exams. The endocrine system consists of three major components: 1, glands, which are specialized cell clusters or organs. 2, hormones, which are chemical substances secreted by glands in response to stimulation. 3,

Antineoplastic Medications NCLEX Practice Questions

Antineoplastic Medications Description Antineoplastic medications kill or inhibit the reproduction of neoplastic cells. Antineoplastic medications are used to cure, increase survival time, and decrease lifethreatening complications. The effect of antineoplastic medications may not be limited to neoplastic cells; normal cells

AIDS & HIV Disorders Practice Questions

Common immunologic disorders Immunologic disorders range from mild ailments (such as hypersensitivity vasculitis) to life-threatening ones (such as anaphylaxis). Some are congenital, whereas others are acquired. Immunologic disorders may result from: hyperreactivity, as in allergic rhinitis autoimmunity, as in SLE

Neurological Disorders Practice Questions

A look at Neurological disorders Complex and infinitely diverse, the nervous system is the body’s internal communication network. It coordinates all body functions and all adaptations to changes in the body’s internal and external environments. Because of the intricacy and complexity

Cardiovascular Disorders Nclex Practice Questions

  The cardiovascular system delivers oxygenated blood to tissues and removes waste products. The heart, controlled by the autonomic nervous system, pumps blood to all organs and tissues of the body. Arteries and veins (the vascular system) carry blood throughout

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