The Anatomy of the Respiratory System

The Anatomy of the Respiratory System

The respiratory system consists of the airways, lungs, bony thorax, and respiratory muscles and functions in conjunction with the central nervous system (CNS). These structures work together to deliver oxygen to the bloodstream and remove excess carbon dioxide from the body. More »


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Respiratory disorders Practice Questions

A Look at Respiratory disorders The respiratory system functions primarily to maintain the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs and tissues and to regulate acid-base balance. Any change in this system affects every other body system. Conversely,

Acid Base Balance Practice Questions

When the levels of acid in Patient`s blood is too high, it is called acidosis. When Patient`s  blood is too alkaline, it is called alkalosis. here are 10 Practice Questions on Acid Base Imbalances For your exam. Introduction to Acids

Parenteral Nutrition Practice Questions

Parenteral Nutrition Practice questions for all type of Exams. 15 questions are here for your assessment. Parenteral nutrition, also known as intravenous feeding, is a method of getting nutrition into the body through the veins. While it is most commonly

Perioperative care Practice Questions

Perioperative care NCLEX Practice questions, Perioperative care is a compulsory part of the exam. there is 13 questions are collected for the exams from different sources. A look at perioperative care Many technological advances have made operations quicker, safer, and

IV Therapy Practice questions

IV Therapy Practice questions for all types of Medical exams. specially prepared for the NCLEX exam. go with these quiz with confidence . Good Luck, Intravenous Therapy: Purpose and uses Provides immediate access to the vascular system for the rapid delivery of

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