The Anatomy of the Respiratory System

The Anatomy of the Respiratory System

The respiratory system consists of the airways, lungs, bony thorax, and respiratory muscles and functions in conjunction with the central nervous system (CNS). These structures work together to deliver oxygen to the bloodstream and remove excess carbon dioxide from the body. More »


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5 Steps of the Nursing Process

5 Steps of the Nursing Process Nursing should need to know. The common thread uniting different types of nurses who work in varied areas is the nursing process—the essential core of practice for the registered nurse to deliver holistic, patient-focused

What Patient Advocacy Really Looks Like

If nursing is the heart of healthcare, patient advocacy is the coronary arteries. Nurses simply cannot function, the heart of healthcare cannot beat, if we are not advocating for our patients. Otherwise, we’re simply pencil-pushers, task-completers, and yes-men/women. As hands-on

ABG Analysis, Easiest Steps

ABG Analysis Easy to Remember:  Nurses often have difficulty interpreting arterial blood gases (ABGs). Confusion often begins with trying to remember many random rules and lacking a standardized. Approach to ABGs. In addition, nurses often attempt to analyze too many

Nurses Fighting always and interesting topic

Nurses fighting

Why do nurses fighting each other? Why always Nurses Fighting is point of discussion among-st Doctors and Hospital administration Interesting fighting of nurses…   I realize that nursing is a team effort, but I’m wondering how hard it is to

4 Stages of Labor

Nursing care for pregnant women in labor proves to be a challenging task because it requires nurses to be fast in their assessment without sacrificing the quality and accuracy of rendered nursing care. Now, why should care of women in

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