Endocrine System

Endocrine System

I. ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF ENDOCRINE GLANDS A. Functions 1. Maintenance and regulation of vital functions 2. Response to stress and injury 3. Growth and development 4. Energy metabolism 5. Reproduction 6. Fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance More »


Types and Causes of Anemia


What is ANEMIA? Description Iron deficiency anemia is a condition that develops as a result of an inadequate amount of serum iron. Anemia predisposes the client to postpartum infection.   Types and Causes of Anemia   Type of Anemia Possible

How Antibiotics Kill Bacteria


This clip describes how antibiotics work to kill bacteria. Our body is constantly being invaded by foreign organisms. The body’s own immune system is the first line of defense. However, sometimes an illness occurs despite our body’s best efforts. Bacteria

Breast Reconstruction How it is done


Breast Reconstruction How and why it is done?   Breast reconstruction is a type of surgery for women who have had all or part of a breast removed. The surgery rebuilds the breast mound to match the size and shape

Top 5 Interview Questions During Nursing Interview


Becoming familiar with these common nursing interview questions you may be asked is a key part in practical preparation to land your next, or first, nursing job. Having thoughtful, go-to answers will give you a leg up on the competition

5 Best and Worst Things Being a CNA


A List that Include good, bad, and ugly things being a Certified Nurse Assistant. You’re a giver. And you really want to take care of people, but your days as a barista making half-caff macchiatos are over. You want to