Endocrine System

Endocrine System

I. ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF ENDOCRINE GLANDS A. Functions 1. Maintenance and regulation of vital functions 2. Response to stress and injury 3. Growth and development 4. Energy metabolism 5. Reproduction 6. Fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance More »


Neurological Focal Deficits Cheat Sheet


A focal neurologic deficit is a problem with nerve, spinal cord, or brain function. It affects a specific location, such as the left side of the face, right arm, or even a small area such as the tongue. Speech, vision,

How to Inject Insulin


How to inject insulin Before injecting insulin, be sure to check its quality. If it was refrigerated, allow your insulin to come to room temperature. If the insulin is cloudy, mix the contents by rolling the vial between your hands

5 Types of Shock Cheat Sheet


Types of Shock and Management There are four major categories of shock: hypovolemic shock, distributive shock, cardiogenic shock, and obstructive shock. 1. Anaphylactic Shock Anaphylactic shock is a severe reaction to an allergen causing an acute multisystem allergic reaction. It

3 Types of Burns Mnemonics


There are three types of burns: • First-degree burns damage only the outer layer of skin. • Second-degree burns damage the outer layer and the layer underneath. • Third-degree burns damage or destroy the deepest layer of skin and tissues

20 Common Disease Suffixes


With thousands of known illness that plague humanity, even a seasoned medical professional will occasionally encounter a disease they have never heard of before. Knowing root words such a prefixes and suffixes can be a great help in identifying what