10 Most Common Dental Problems and their treatment

People from all over the world and across all age groups suffer from common dental problems. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), majority of oral disease cases are from poor and disadvantageous population groups thus, solidifying the claim of being unable to take care of oral health because of financial capacities.

Now a days, Dentistry has  many treatment for your dental problems, you can save your teeth and can smile confidently,.

Main problems are included:

1: Cavities/Tooth Decay

2: Gum Disease

3: Bad Breath

4: Dry Mouth

5: Tooth Crowding

6: Root Infection

7: Tooth Loss

8: Oral Cancer

9: Unattractive smile

10: Discolored teeth

Dental problemes

Dental Treatments:

All of these common dental problems can be treated and kept at bay with very simple day-to-day oral hygiene measures. Brushing in the morning and before bed alone won’t be enough to make sure your oral health is on tip top shape.

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