Priority Actions for a Spinal Cord Injury Client

Spinal cord injury

  • Immobilize the client on a spinal backboard, with the head in a neutral position, to prevent incomplete injury from becoming complete.
  • Prevent head flexion, rotation, or extension; the head is immobilized with a firm, padded cervical collar.
  • Logroll the client; no part of the body should be twisted or turned, nor should the client be allowed to assume a sitting position.


Nursing Actions Plan for a Spinal Cord Injury Client

  1. Raise the head of the bed.
  2. Loosen tight clothing on the client.
  3. Check for bladder distention or other noxious stimulus.
  4. Administer an antihypertensive medication.
  5. Document the occurrence, treatment, and response.


nursing actions 1

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