Common Abused Drugs and Health Effects

Frequently Abused Street Drugs and Their
Potential Health Consequences
Abused drugs

 Amphetamines           Uppers, whites,        Stimulant                          Hypertension, tachycardia, insomnia,                                       

                                                                     dexies                                                          restlessness

 Amyl nitrate            Boppers, pearls         Stimulant                        Tachycardia, restlessness, hypotension, vertigo

 Anabolic steroids   Roids, muscle            Steroid                            Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, acne, cancer,


Barbiturates      Downers, reds           Depressant                                 Bradycardia, hypotension, laryngospasm,

                                                                                                                 ataxia, impaired thinking

Benzodiazepines M&Ms, Uncle Milty     Depressant                   Confusion, fatigue, impaired memory,     coordination

Cannabis               Pot, grass, weed,      Mixed CNS        Drowsiness, elation, dizziness, memory lapse,

With formaldehyde THC; fry sticks;                                    hallucinations
With cocaine            primo

Cocaine                 Snow, blow, crack     Stimulant            Tachycardia, hypertension, hallucinations,

                                                                                      confused thinking
Fentanyl               Jackpot, China white     Opioid              Sedation, arrhythmias, shock, cardiac arrest,
                                                                                      decreased respirations, constipation
Gamma- hydroxybutyrate   GHB, fantasy,       Depressant      Memory loss, hypotension, somnolence  
                               liquid X, liquid  “
                                  date rape” drug
Heroin               Brown sugar, joy,          Opioid                 Sedation, arrhythmias, shock, cardiac arrest,
                         crank, fairy dust                                        decreased respirations, constipation
Ketamine         Super acid, special K     Depressant         Paralysis, loss of sensation, disorientation,            
LSD                Acid, sunshine,               Hallucinogen      Hallucinations, hypotension, changes in thinking,
                       blotter acid                                                 loss of social control
MDMA            Ecstasy, b-bombs,         Hallucinogen       Hallucinations, psychic change, loss of memory,
                     go, Scooby snacks                                      hypotension, cardiac arrest
Methamphetamine  Crystal, glass, speed, Stimulant       Hypertension, tachycardia, restlessness, changes
                           crystal meth, working                                in thinking
                            mother’s cocaine
Methylphenidate    Ritalin                           Stimulant         Agitation, tachycardia, hypertension,
                                                                                          hyperreflexia, fever
Morphine          Mort, Miss Emma             Opioid             Sedation, arrhythmias, shock, cardiac arrest,
                                                                                        decreased respirations, constipation
OxyContin        Oxy, Oxycotton,                Opioid              Sedation, arrhythmias, shock, cardiac arrest,
                        Oxy 80s, hillbilly heroin,                            decreased respirations, constipation
                        poor man’s heroin,
PCP               Angel dust, zombie;            Hallucinogen     Acute psychosis, HF, death, seizures, memory                    
with steroids     juices
Peyote            Button, mesc                   Hallucinogen     Acute psychosis, tremor, altered perception,
Rohypnol        Rophies                           Amnesiac            Date rape drug, loss of memory, immobility
Viagra/MDMA   Sextasy                         Hallucinogen,      Severe hypotension, hallucinations, increased
                            ED drug                                                       sexual function


Source Sundares Pharmacology

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