4 Types of Lung Sounds

Types of Lung Sounds include: Crackles, Rhonchi, Wheezes, Pleural friction rubs. Each lung is wrapped in a lining called the visceral pleura. The larger of the two lungs, the right lung has three lobes: upper, middle, and lower. The smaller left lung has only an upper and a lower lobe.

Types of Lung Sounds

4 Types of Lung Sounds:


High pitched and heard during inspiration. Not cleared by cough. Discontinuous. Clinical examples include pneumonia, heart failure, asthma, restrictive pulmonary diseases; if coarse crackles: pulmonary edema and pulmonary fibrosis and also in patients terminally ill with diminished gag reflex.


Rumbling, course sounds like a snore. Heard during inspiration or expiration. May clear with coughing or suctioning. Continuous. Heard in patients with chronic bronchitis.


Musical noise during inspiration or expiration. Usually louder during expiration. May clear with cough. Continuous. Heard in patients with asthma.

Pleural friction rubs:

Superficial, low pitched, coarse rubbing or grating sound (two surfaces rubbing each other). Heard throughout inspiration or expiration. Not cleared by cough. Heard in patients with pleurisy.

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