6 Rights of Drug Administration

Drug Administration Mnemonic

Remember the 6 rights of drug administration using this colorful mnemonic. If you follow Dr. Timed to the letter, you should be able to avoid any problems or complications from administering medications.



Six Rights of IV Fluid Administration

  • Right Patient: treat as any drug, use MAR for accuracy in administration
  • Right Drug: solution for IVs
  • Right Dose: consider w/time, Amount of IV solution to hang
  • Right Time: rate of solution administration
  • Right Route: specific order for IV admin
  • Right Documentation: Always!!!!

Nursing Intervention for Drug Administration

  • Assess the medication prescription.
  • Compare the client’s medication prescription with all the medications that the client was previously taking (medication reconciliation).
  • Ask the client about a history of allergies.
  • Assess the client’s current condition and the purpose for the medication or intravenous solution.
  • Determine the client’s understanding regarding the purpose of the prescribed medication or need for intravenous solution.
  • Teach the client about the medication and about selfadministration at home.
  • Identify and address concerns (social, cultural, religious) that the client may have about taking the medication.
  • Assess the need for conversion when preparing a dose of medication for administration to the client.
  • Assess the six rights of medication administration: right medication, right dose, right client, right route, right time,and right documentation.
  • Assess the vital signs, check significant laboratory results, and identify any potential interactions (food or medication interactions) before administering medication, when appropriate.
  • Document the administration of the prescribed therapy and client’s response to the therapy.

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