Acid Base Balance Practice Questions

When the levels of acid in Patient`s blood is too high, it is called acidosis. When Patient`s  blood is too alkaline, it is called alkalosis. here are 10 Practice Questions on Acid Base Imbalances For your exam.

Introduction to Acids

  • Acids are produced as end products of metabolism.
  • Acids contain hydrogen ions and are hydrogen ion donors, which means that acids give up hydrogen ions to neutralize or decrease the strength of an acid or to form a weaker base.
  • The strength of an acid is determined by the number of hydrogen ions it contains.
  • The number of hydrogen ions in body fluid determines its acidity, alkalinity, or neutrality.
  • The lungs excrete 13,000 to 30,000 mEq/day of volatile hydrogen in the form of carbonic acid as carbon dioxide (CO2).

Following are the Practice Questions for the NCLEX Exams

Acid-Base Balance

Acid-Base Balance Practice Questions



Introduction to Bases

  • Contain no hydrogen ions.
  • Are hydrogen ion acceptors; they accept hydrogen ions from acids to neutralize or decrease the strength of a base or to form a weaker acid.

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