Anemia Symptoms & 5 Natural Treatment

Anemia is a condition in which the hemoglobin concentration is lower than normal, reflects the presence of fewer than normal RBCs within the circulation. Anemia is present when there is a decrease in Hb in the blood below the reference level for the age and sex of the individual.

There are many different kinds of anemia but all can be classified into three broad etiologic categories:

There are three major types:

• Microcytic Anemia

• Normocytic Anemia with a normal MCV

• Macrocytic Anemia with a high MCV.

Symptoms of Anemia (all nonspecific)

• Fatigue, headaches and faintness

• Breathlessness

• Angina

• Intermittent claudication

• Palpitations.

Signs of Anemia

• Pallor

• Tachycardia

• Systolic flow murmur

• Cardiac failure.

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