Asthma Symptoms & Risk Factors

Asthma is a chronic reactive airway disorder. Causes of Asthma are includes episodic, reversible airway restriction with bronchospasm, increased mucus secretion, and mucosal edema. Although this common condition can strike at any age, children under age 10 account for 50% of the cases.


What causes Asthma?

Extrinsic asthma follows exposure to:
Animal dander,
House dust or mold,
Pillows containing feathers or a silky
Material called kapok,
food additives containing sulfites, or other sensitizing substances.

Intrinsic asthma may be triggered by:

Endocrine changes,
Temperature and humidity changes, & Viruses

Cataloging causes of Asthma:

Other causes of asthma include aspirin, various non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, such as indomethacin [Indocin] and mefenamic acid [Ponstel]), tartrazine (a yellow food dye), exercise, and occupational exposure to an allergenic factor (such as platinum).

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