Best Nurse’s Joke only Nurses can Understand

1. The Nurse’s “Allergic” Reaction

Nurse: Hello Dear, I need to perform a skin test to know if you are allergic or not to the antibiotic prescribed by the doctor. This is not painful but as like the bit of an au
Patient: Dear Nurse if it is so then you may proceed.

Nurses Skin Test
Nurses Skit test very pain full

Nurse was successful to do it but with a loud painful cry of the patient Later after few days the same nurse was  got hospitalized and Doctor asked to assess her for the same skin test

Doctor: I need to administer an antibiotic intravenously to combat the infection. But, I will order for a skin test first to test if you are allergic to the drug.
Nurse: Can you just shift it to oral antibiotic if possible doc? (whispers to the doctor). This Nurse’s Joke can only be understood by nurses


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