Beta 1 or Beta 2 What’s a Nurse to Do?

Beta Blockers – Medication Overview


What: Beta 1 receptors are found primarily in the Heart 1 Heart Beta 1 and Beta 2 Receptors are found in the Lungs 2 Lungs Beta 2

Why: The concept is important since Beta Blocker medications are broken up into two types selective and non-selective. This sticky note covers the different types.


NCLEX: Identifying the medications action is important because some Beta Blockers are non-selective to either Beta 1 or 2. This is problematic if the patient has COPD and placed on this type of beta blocker since they can get bronchospasms identified by wheezes which can complicate their COPD.

So, generally these are questioned or held when ordered with these type of patients.

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