Cardiovascular Disorders Nclex Practice Questions


The cardiovascular system delivers oxygenated blood to tissues and removes waste products. The heart, controlled by the autonomic nervous system, pumps blood to all organs and tissues of the body. Arteries and veins (the vascular system) carry blood throughout the body, keep the heart filled with blood, and maintain blood pressure.

Here are 9 Practice questions based on Cardiovascular Disorders, which they help you in the exam.

Cardiovascular Disorders Nclex Practice Questions



The heart is a hollow, muscular organ about the size of a closed fist. Located between the lungs in the mediastinum, it’s about 5[1] (12.5 cm) long and 31/2[1] (9 cm) in diameter at its widest point. It weighs between 8.8 and 10 oz (250 to 285 g).



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