Three (3) Reasons to Marry with Nurse


Beautiful nurse
Beautiful Nurse

If you are looking to marry with a good life partner then read this article: One’s Experienc tells that marry with a nurse due to following reasons:-

Reason Number 1 :-

(a) SEX IS BETTER:  Nurses are well qualified of human anatomy and are well aware of the partner psychology. She is also comfortable with human naked body being this a part of practice. For sexual life she know that

  • What is a precondition for good sexual performance.  This knowledge brings into better sex for you.
  • Keeping your psyche in her mind, She will know just how to stroke your prostate in the special way.
  • She will not be shy to tell you exactly which part of her genitalia is most receptive to stimulation.
  • She will not be shy to do any type of new sex act you ask to do. You will not find her squeamishness, whining, or half-stepping for any unusual sex acts with you in the bed.

(b) SHE IS QUALIFIED WOMAN : Nursing is a high qualification which takes some hardship, dedication and mental ability to pass all exams required to pass nursing courses and to be called a qualified nurse.  For me its very hard to be partner, for even a single cup of team, with an idiot. And there are many of them out there.  Being a Nurse is a certification of her mental ability and her tolerance and dedication with her responsibility. She has already a qualification of compromising with social life with Doctors, Administrators, seniors and people of all walk of life in her practical life.


This translates into a specimen of womanhood who is not spoiled.


A Qualified and experienced Nurse is almost full time Doctor without MBBS Degree. She being around Doctors and Patients, learns to treat variety of diseases and emergency situations. You got Flu, Fever, minor accident, Children are not feeling well and so much so your any relative is sick, just ask Nurse, she will tell the solution and also will do emergency treatment. A man has to take advantage of the opportunities presented to him.

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