Heart attack First Aid Treatment, Home emergency guide

A heart attack is usually caused by a blockage of the blood supply to the heart. The aims of first-aid treatment for a heart attack are to make the victim comfortable and to arrange for prompt transport to the hospital. The chances of surviving a heart attack have improved significantly in recent years, but it is still vital that the victim be treated by medical professionals as soon as possible.

Heart Attack Signs & Symptoms

• Sharp chest pain often extending down left arm
• Nausea and vomiting
• Feeling faint and breathless
• Gray skin and blueish lips
• Pulse that quickens and then weakens

Heart attack first aid treatment:


Heart attack treatment
Make victim be comfortable

• Raise the victim’s shoulders so that he is half-sitting and support him with cushions or pillows.
• Bend his knees and support them with more pillows.
• Reassure him and keep him as calm as possible.

Summon help

• Dial 911 or call EMS. Tell the dispatcher that you are with someone who is probably having a heart attack.
• Call the victim’s doctor, if you are requested to do so.

Help with medication

• If the victim has medication for angina, help her take it.

Monitor condition

• Keep the victim calm and rested.
• Check and record the victim’s breathing, pulse, and level of consciousness until medical help arrives.


• Do not allow the victim to eat or drink.
• If the victim falls unconscious, open his airway, check breathing, and be prepared to begin resuscitation.

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