NAPLEX Practice Question # 50

NAPLEX Examination.

Practice Question # 50.



Modifi cation of diet and social habits

  • Previously emphasized in ulcer therapy, strict dietary limitations now are considered largely unnecessary.
  • Bland or milk-based diets formerly were recommended; however, research indicates that these diets do not speed ulcer healing. In fact, most experts now advise ulcer patients to avoid milk because recent studies show that milk increases gastric acid secretion. Also, because milk leaves the stomach quickly, it lacks an extended buff ering action.
  • Small, frequent meals, also previously recommended, can worsen ulcer pain by causing acid rebound 2 to 4 hrs aft er eating.
  1. Current dietary guidelines emphasize avoiding foods and beverages known to exacerbate gastric discomfort or promote acid secretion. Th is category typically includes coff ee, caff einated beverages, and alcohol.
  2. Smoking. Patients who smoke should be encouraged to quit because smoking markedly slows ulcer healing, even during optimal ulcer therapy.
  3. NSAIDs should be avoided by ulcer patients.

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