NAPLEX Practice Question # 53

NAPLEX Examination.

Practice Question # 53.




Renal disease:

Metformin is contraindicated in renal disease due to the potential for lactic acidosis. Metformin should be discontinued when the Scr is 1.4 mg/dL for females or 1.5 mg/dL for males. It should be understood that metformin does not cause renal dysfunction, but rather accumulation of the drug can contribute to toxicity (lactic acidosis) in the individual with renal dysfunction.


Mechanisms of action:

The primary role of metformin is to inhibit hepatic glucose output, thus exerting benefi cial eff ects on fasting blood glucose levels. Th e secondary role of metformin is to promote glucose uptake by fat and muscles, thereby improving insulin sensitivity. Th irdly, metformin has a minor role in decreasing intestinal absorption of glucose.

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