NBDE Examination Practice Question # 104

NBDE Examination.

Practice Question # 104.


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Maxillary versus Mandibular

  • Maxillary canines display greater mesiodistal width than mandibular canines in both deciduous and permanent dentition.

  • The maxillary cingulum (bulge on the lingual surface near the cervical region of the tooth) is more substantial than the mandibular cingulum (particularly in the permanent canines).
  • A maxillary canine usually displays a central strengthening ridge extending from the cingulum to the cusp.
  • The mandibular canine does not display a central lingual ridge, thus the lingual surface is flatter.
  • The maxillary canine root is the longest and strongest of the whole dentition.
  • The mandibular canine root is flattened and grooved distally.

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