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  • Pregnancy places demands on carbohydrate metabolism and causes insulin requirements to change.
  • Maternal glucose crosses the placenta, but insulin does not.
  • During the first trimester, maternal insulin needs decrease.
  • During the second and third trimesters, increases in placental hormones cause an insulin-resistant state, requiring an increase in the client’s insulin dose.
  • After placental delivery, placental hormone levels abruptly decrease and insulin requirements decrease.
  • The fetus produces its own insulin and pulls glucose from the mother, which predisposes the mother to hypoglycemic reactions.
  • The newborn of a diabetic mother may be large in size, but has functions related to gestational age rather than size.
  • The newborn of a diabetic mother is at risk for hypoglycemia, hyperbilirubinemia, respiratory distress syndrome, hypocalcemia, and congenital anomalies.

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