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Tacrolimus (Prograf)

  • Tacrolimus inhibits calcineurin and thereby prevents T cells from producing interleukin-2, interferon- g, and other cytokines.
  • Tacrolimus is more effective than cyclosporine, but is more toxic.
  • Adverse effects are similar to those of cyclosporine and include nephrotoxicity, infection, hypertension, tremor, hirsutism, neurotoxicity, gastrointestinal effects, hyperkalemia, and hyperglycemia.
  • Tacrolimus should be used cautiously in immunosuppressed clients and those with renal, hepatic, or pancreatic impairment.
  • Tacrolimus is contraindicated for clients hypersensitive to cyclosporine.
  • Monitor blood glucose levels and administer prescribed insulin or oral hypoglycemics.


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