NCLEX RN Practice Question # 551

NCLEX Examination.

Practice Question # 551.




Addison’s disease


  • Hyposecretion of adrenal cortex hormones (glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids)
  • Can be primary or secondary
  • The condition is fatal if left untreated.



  • Monitor vital signs, particularly blood pressure, weight, and intake and output.
  • Monitor white blood cell (WBC) count, blood glucose, and potassium, sodium, and calcium levels.
  • Administer glucocorticoid or mineralocorticoid medications as prescribed.
  • Observe for addisonian crisis caused by stress, infection, trauma, or surgery.

Client education

  • Avoid individuals with an infection.
  • Diet: High protein and high carbohydrate, normal sodium intake
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and stressful situations.
  • Need for lifelong glucocorticoid therapy
  • Avoid over-the-counter medications.
  • Wear a Medic-Alert bracelet.
  • Signs and symptoms of complications such as underreplacement and overreplacement of hormones

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