NCLEX RN Practice Question # 552

NCLEX Examination.

Practice Question # 552.



Types of Seizures

Generalized Seizures


Tonic-clonic seizures may begin with an aura.

The tonic phase involves the stiffening or rigidity of the muscles

of the arms and legs and usually lasts 10 to 20

seconds, followed by loss of consciousness.

The clonic phase consists of hyperventilation and jerking of

the extremities and usually lasts about 30 seconds.

Full recovery from the seizure may take several hours.


brief seizure that lasts seconds, and the individual may or may not lose consciousness.

No loss or change in muscle tone occurs.

Seizures may occur several times during a day.

The victim appears to be daydreaming.

This type of seizure is more common in children.


Myoclonic seizures present as a brief generalized jerking or stiffening of extremities.

The victim may fall to the ground from the seizure.


Partial Seizures

Simple Partial

The simple partial seizure produces sensory symptoms accompanied by motor symptoms that are localized or confined to a specific area.

The client remains conscious and may report an aura.

Complex Partial

The complex partial seizure is a psychomotor seizure.

The area of the brain most usually involved is the temporal lobe.

The seizure is characterized by periods of altered behavior of which the client is not aware.

The client loses consciousness for a few seconds.

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