NCLEX RN Practice Question # 571

NCLEX Examination.

Practice Question # 571.





Types of solutions

Isotonic solutions

  • Have the same osmolality as body fluids
  • Increase extracellular fluid volume
  • Do not enter the cells because no osmotic force exists to shift the fluids

Types of IV Solution

Hypotonic solutions

  • Are more dilute solutions and have a lower osmolality than body fluids
  • Cause the movement of water into cells by osmosis
  • Should be administered slowly to prevent cellular edema

Hypertonic solutions

  • Are more concentrated solutions and have a higher osmolality than body fluids
  • Concentrate extracellular fluid and cause movement of water from cells into the extracellular fluid by osmosis


  • Also called plasma expanders
  • Pull fluid from the interstitial compartment into the vascular compartment
  • Used to increase the vascular volume rapidly, such as in hemorrhage or severe hypovolemia

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