NCLEX RN Practice Question # 654

NCLEX Examination.

Practice question # 654.


Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

 AIDS is a viral disease caused by HIV, which destroys T cells, thereby increasing susceptibility to infection and malignancy.The syndrome is manifested clinically by opportunistic infections and unusual neoplasms. AIDS is considered a chronic illness. The disease has a long incubation period, sometimes 10 years or longer.



  • Pulmonary fungal infection caused by spores of Histoplasma capsulatum
  • Transmission occurs by the inhalation of spores, which commonly are found in contaminated soil.
  • Spores also are usually found in bird droppings.

Nursing Assessment

  • Similar to pneumonia
  • Positive skin test for histoplasmosis
  • Positive agglutination test
  • Splenomegaly, hepatomegaly


  • Administer oxygen as prescribed.
  • Monitor breath sounds.
  • Administer antiemetics, antihistamines, antipyretics, nd corticosteroids as prescribed.
  • Administer fungicidalmedications as prescribed.
  • Encourage coughing and deep breathing.
  • Place the client in a semi-Fowler’s position.
  • Monitor vital signs.
  • Monitor for nephrotoxicity from fungicidal medications.
  • Instruct the client to wear a mask and spray the floor with water before sweeping barn and chicken coops.

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