NCLEX RN Practice Question # 658

NCLEX Examination.

Practice question # 658.



TB is an acute or chronic infection characterized by pulmonary infiltrates and formation of granulomas with caseation, fibrosis, and cavitation. The American Lung Association estimates that active TB afflicts nearly 5 out of every 100,000 people. The prognosis is excellent with correct treatment.

What causes it

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the major cause of TB. Other strains of mycobacteria may also be involved. Several factors increase the risk of infection, including:

• Gastrectomy

• Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus

• Hodgkin’s disease

• Leukemia

• Treatment with corticosteroid therapy or immunosuppressant therapy

• Silicosis

• Human immunodeficiency virus infection.

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