NCLEX RN Practice Question # 802

NCLEX Examination.

Practice Question # 802.

nclex examination



About Pentamidine:

  • Trade Names: Pentam 300, Pentacarinat, Nebupent ®
  • Drug Class: Antiprotozoal

Side Effects:

  • Significant toxicity, seen in 50% of patients.
  • The drug should be given slowly over 2 hours with patient monitoring. (Rapid i.v. administration can cause severe hypotension, tachycardia, dizziness & dyspnea.)
  • m. use can cause pain at the injection site & sterile abscesses.
  • Pancreatic toxicity is common.
  • Hypoglycemia due to inappropriate insulin release may occur 5-7 days after onset of drug therapy.
  • Reversible renal insufficiency is common. Rash, metalic taste, etc….


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