NCLEX RN Practice Question # 912

NCLEX Examination.

Practice Question # 912.


nclex examination


Chest Tube Drainage System

  • The chest tube drainage system returns negative pressure to the intrapleural space.
  • The system is used to remove abnormal accumulations of air and fluid from the pleural space.

Drainage collection chamber

  • The drainage collection chamber is located where the chest tube from the client connects to the system.
  • Drainage from the tube drains into and collects in a series of calibrated columns in this chamber.

Water seal chamber

  • The tip of the tube is underwater, allowing fluid and air to drain from the pleural space and preventing air from entering the pleural space.
  • Water oscillates (moves up as the client inhales and moves down as the client exhales).
  • Excessive bubbling indicates an air leak in the chest tube system.

Suction control chamber

  • The suction control chamber provides the suction, which can be controlled to provide negative pressure to the chest.
  • This chamber is filled with various levels of water to achieve the desired level of suction; without this control, lung tissue could be sucked into the chest tube.
  • Gentle bubbling in this chamber indicates that there is suction and does not indicate that air is escaping from the pleural space.

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