NCLEX RN Practice Question # 923

NCLEX Examination.

Practice Question # 923.


nclex examination.


Sublingual administration: Patients often prefer this route of administration, opting to administer the drug themselves even in the institutional setting. Make sure that the drug is given correctly:

  • Check under the tongue to make sure there are no lesions or abrasions that could interfere with the absorption of the drug. Have the patient take a sip of water to moisten the mucous membranes so the tablet will dissolve quickly. Then instruct the patient to place the tablet under the tongue, close the mouth, and wait until the tablet has dissolved.
  • Caution the patient not to swallow the tablet; its effectiveness would be lost if the tablet entered the stomach. If the patient uses translingual drugs often, encourage the patient to alternate sides of the tongue—placing it under the left side for one dose, and under the right side for the other dose.
  • Here’s a tip to help in administering sublingual medications to patients who cannot do it themselves or who cannot open their mouths: Use a tongue depressor to move the tongue aside and place the tablet, or slide the tablet down through a straw to the underside of the tongue.

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