NCLEX RN Quiz # 1000

NCLEX Examination.

Practice Question # 1000.


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Cardioversion and defibrillation are treatments for tachydysrhythmias. They are used to deliver an electrical current to depolarize a critical mass of myocardial cells. When the cells repolarize, the sinus node is usually able to recapture its role as the heart’s pacemaker. One major difference between cardioversion and defibrillation has to do with the timing of the delivery of electrical current.

Another major difference concerns the circumstance: defibrillation is usually performed as an emergency treatment, whereas cardioversion is usually, but not always, a planned procedure. Electrical current may be delivered through paddles or conductor pads. Both paddles may be placed on the front of the chest , which is the standard paddle placement, or one paddle may be placed on the front of the chest and the other connected to an adapter with a long handle and placed under the patient’s back, which is called an anteroposterior placement.

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