NCLEX RN Quiz # 1004

NCLEX Examination.

Practice Question # 1004.


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Uses of Alteplase:

Treatment of acute MI for lysis of thrombi in coronary arteries, acute ischemic stroke, acute massive pulmonary embolism. Treatment of occluded central venous catheters. OFF-LABEL:  Acute peripheral occlusive disease, prosthetic valve thrombosis. Acute ischemic stroke presenting 3–41⁄2 hrs after onset of symptoms.


Contraindications: Active internal bleeding, AV malformation or aneurysm, bleeding diathesis CVA, intracranial neoplasm, intracranial or intraspinal surgery or trauma, recent (within past 2 mos), severe uncontrolled hypertension, suspected aortic dissection. Cautions: Recent (within 10 days) major surgery or GI bleeding, OB delivery, organ biopsy, recent trauma or CPR, left heart thrombus, endocarditis, severe hepatic disease, pregnancy, elderly, cerebrovascular disease, diabetic retinopathy, thrombophlebitis, occluded AV cannula at infected site.

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