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A craniotomy involves opening the skull surgically to gain access to intracranial structures. This procedure is performed to remove a tumor, relieve elevated ICP, evacuate a blood clot, and control hemorrhage. The surgeon cuts the skull to create a bony flap, which can be repositioned after surgery and held in place by periosteal or wire sutures. One of two approaches through the skull is used:


(1) above the tentorium (supratentorial craniotomy) into the supratentorial compartment, or (2) below the tentorium into the infratentorial (posterior fossa) compartment. A transsphenoidal approach through the mouth and nasal sinuses is used to gain access to the pituitary gland. Table 61-3 compares the three different surgical approaches: supratentorial, infratentorial, and transsphenoidal.

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