Nurses Fighting always and interesting topic

Nurses fighting

Why do nurses fighting each other?

Why always Nurses Fighting is point of discussion among-st Doctors and Hospital administration

Interesting fighting of nurses…


I realize that nursing is a team effort, but I’m wondering how hard it is to mind your own business avoiding nurses fighting and go about your job without “getting into it” with other nurses fighting? I felt bad for the Hospital I was working with..their patient care techs were lazy and gave them all kinds of attitude…the doctors and patients were barking at them…and then..for some reason..nurses fighting was always a topic of discussion among-st each other.

I’m one of those people who is pleasant..In my perfect little world..everyone can be nice to each other, without being taken advantage of..but let’s be real..that doesn’t exist. I quickly discovered this in nursing school, as well. Some of the most disgusting people I have ever met in my life. I realize this doesn’t speak for everyone’s experience, but mine alone. So my idea..when I start to get in and out. My nice attitude has always got me into trouble..seems people become too comfortable with me and mistake my kindness as my weakness..that’s when the disrespect starts..little things here and there..not trying to deal with it. So when I first start working, I am going to be as quiet as possible…observant…and I don’t plan on making any friends. The few people that I have seen who seem to do a little bit better than others are the ones who are quiet and/or shy and/or anti-social.

I always suggest that it is sacred Profession and nurses Fighting must be avoided in the hospitals and working places. This effects patients, hospitals, families, nurses own carrier and most importantly their own family life. … But

Because it’s a female dominated profession? Lots of emotions and drama.

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