1. The unit will be full.
    This is almost a guarantee. If there is a full moon the night before a shift (or the night of your shift), every single room on the unit will be destined to be full. And there won’t be a lot of discharges.
  2. We will have 10,000 admissions.

    And again, every room will be full. If you’re a labor nurse, this means that you might deliver a baby in triage, or worse—in the hallway, with a curtain. Been there. Done that. And the worst part is there’s no.stopping.it.
  3. Everyone will be jacked up.
    Like seriously jacked up. Sick-sick. There’s no way to intervene your way out of this one.
  4. There might be a code.
    These are the days we just cross our fingers and pray.
  5. Something crazy will happen.

    Something super our of the ordinary will happen. Maybe a patient’s family member will get into a fight. Maybe the patient’s family member will pass out. Maybe you’ll have to call social services on ¾ of your patients. It’s just the way the day will roll with a full moon.
  6. We won’t get a bathroom break.
    Our bladders can spasm, but we won’t be able to even think about a bathroom break.
  7. We’ll be lucky if we eat.

    I’m shocked we’re not all skinny…
  8. All hell will break loose.
    Grab onto your seat folks, it’s going to be a crazy day!!