Perioperative care Practice Questions

Perioperative care NCLEX Practice questions, Perioperative care is a compulsory part of the exam. there is 13 questions are collected for the exams from different sources.

A look at perioperative care

Many technological advances have made operations quicker, safer, and more effective. Even so, surgery remains one of the most stressful experiences a patient can undergo. Before the patient enters the operating room, you must fully address his psychological and physiologic needs. If prepared properly with careful teaching, a surgical patient will experience less pain, fewer postoperative complications, and shorter hospitalization.

What is Preoperative care?

Careful, considerate preoperative care will help prevent future complications for the patient and ease anxiety felt by the patient and his family.

Perioperative Nursing Care NCLEX Practice Questions

Preoperative Nursing assessment

A thorough preoperative assessment helps systematically identify and correct problems before surgery and establishes a baseline for postoperative comparison. Begin by confirming the patient’s identity using two identifiers, according to your facility’s policy. Then verify the surgical procedure and surgical site with the patient. Next, focus on problem areas suggested by the patient’s history and on any body system that will be directly affected by the surgery. (See History lesson.) Consider your findings in relation to the specific age-group norms. Don’t forget to include the patient’s psychological status in your assessment because depression and anxiety can significantly interfere with recovery from surgery.


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