Sex Education and Role of Nurses


SEX EDUCATION : Sexuality has become the burning issue in this world for the societies. There might be number of reasons but it is agreed all-to-gather that solution is Education. The number of pregnancies in teenagers is the at highest in particularly in Europe and further there is increase in numbers.

Everyone agrees the best medicine is education.

Sex Education
Tell your kids about sex education

The public health messages are not getting across and it is very important that a well concerted effort is made to ensure children and young people are armed with all the facts to keep them sexually healthy. Teenager are a receptive audience and this is where the easiest change in attitudes can be achieved.

Now it is the responsibility of parents, teachers, nurses, doctors, administrators and all of us who are educated about sex education that we should create awareness of sex and side effects. Giving proper Sex Education to the concerned audience will create a change and healthy societies.


Sex education message can be delivered to teens effectively by the school nurses. The school nurses can do the following to spread clear and effective message about sex education.

  1. Nurses must create health room for open communication about sex and sexuality.
  2. Nurses must have ready made pamphlet and flyers containing
a. Sexuality and side effects
b. Diseases transmitted by sex
c. Treatment of these diseases
d. How to develop refusal skills
e. Rape prevention
f. Health Topics


  1. Nurses should keep the privacy of one’s personal information and their suggested remedies.
  2. Nurses should and friendly bulletin board having information about sex education throughout the years.


However one MP, Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Sandra Gidley, also suggested that school nurses provide sex education in schools or to train teachers to do so.

Involving school nurses in developing the programmes and working with teachers on delivering them is a clever use of their expertise and communication skills when talking about sensitive subjects. Nurses are experts at talking about personal issues that some people find embarrassing and that expertise is critical in improving sex education.

However the specific proposal that nurses stand in a classroom and educate children in sexual health matters is flawed. Sexual health needs to be part of the personal and social development of our children and not aligned with medical matters. School nurses deal with the emotional issues that children face but, in this case, it appears that some teachers may be relinquishing their responsibility to develop the whole child. It is appropriate for nurses to be involved in developing the programmes and training the teachers but not actually delivering the education.

There is also a practical issue to be addressed. There are severe shortages of school nurses, with many reporting excessive workloads in some areas. For them to take on classroom sex education would not be feasible.


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