Shock First Aid Treatment, Home Emergency Guide

Any severe injury or illness, such as severe bleeding or burns that dramatically reduces the flow of blood around the body can cause shock. If shock is not treated rapidly, vital organs may fail. The aims of first-aid treatment are to treat any obvious cause of shock, to improve the blood supply to the vital organs, and then to get the victim to the hospital.



  • Fast, then weakening, pulse
  • Gray-blue tinge to lips and skin
  • Sweating and cold, clammy skin
  • Dizziness and weakness


First Aid Treatment:

Shock treatment

1: Treat cause of shock

  • If the cause of shock is obvious, for example severe bleeding, treat it accordingly.

2: Make victim comfortable

  • If the victim is breathing normally,lay him on the floor or another firm surface, on top of a blanket if the surface is cold.
  • If his legs are not injured, raise and support them so that they are above the level of his heart.
  • Keep the victim still.
  • Loosen any restrictive clothing around his neck, chest, and waist.
  • If he is cold, cover him with a blanket or clothing.


3: Summon help

  • Dial 911 or call EMS.

4: Monitor victim

  • Monitor the victim’s breathing, pulse and level of consciousness, every 10 minutes until help arrives.


  • Stay with the victim at all times, except if you need to dial 911 or call EMS.
  • Keep the victim still.
  • Do not let the victim eat, drink, or smoke.
  • If the victim becomes unconscious, open his airway, check breathing, and be prepared to begin resuscitation.

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