Vertigo Antidotes Cheat Sheet

Vertigo Treatment

In the following Table there is provides a list o f commonly used medications for suppression of vertigo. As noted these medications should be reserved for short-term control of active vertigo, such as during the first few days of acute vestibular neuritis, or for acute attacks of Ménière’s disease. They are less helpful for chronic dizziness a nd, as previously stated, may hinder central compensation. A n exception is that benzodiazepines may attenuate psychosomatic dizziness and the associated anxiety, although SSRls are generally preferable i n such patients.


Vertigo Antidotes/Treatment

• Meclizine
• Dimenhydrinate
• Promethazine
25-50 mg 3 times daily
50 mg 1 -2 times daily
25 mg 2-3 times daily (also can be given rectally and 1M)
2.5 mg 1 -3 times daily
0.25 mg 1 -3 times daily
Scopolamine transdermal'Patch
Physical therapy

Repositioning maneuversd
Vestibular rehabilitation
Diuretics and/or low-sodium
(1 000 mg/d) diet'
Antimigrainous drugs

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitorsh
100 mg daily days 1 -3; 80 mg daily
days 4-6; 60 mg daily
days- 7-9; 40 mg daily days 10一12; 20 mg daily
days 13-15; 10 mg daily
days 16-18, 20,22


Al l listed dru gs are approved by the u.s. Food and Drug Administration, but most are not approved for the treatment of vertigo.

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